Where I’ve Been, Updates, and a Minimalist Journey

Updates and Minimalism by Cramped and Cozy

Hi! Hello! Long time no post! Prepost disclaimer: this is a long post with a lot of words and very few pictures. If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine with me and I will not be offended. But if you’re wondering where I’ve been or where I’ve gone, the following will explain all […]

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August Favorites and How I’m Ready for Fall

I can’t believe August is over. I feel like it just began but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for Fall weather. You guys know that Fall is my favorite season. I’ve always said that Fall refreshes me and I’m noticing now more than ever how true that is. In Fall of […]

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How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets

How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets by Cramped and Cozy

One of my biggest concerns before getting a pet was how I would deal with keeping my house clean. What if they ruined something? What if it was always dirty? What if they were gross and nasty? What if, what if, what if. If you’ve been reading my blog long, then you know that I have […]

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Monday Ramblings 02

Reading Nook in Master Bedroom by Cramped and Cozy

I kind of liked doing a ramblings post last Monday. I think it was a great way to start the week; do you agree? Friday Favorite posts are popular in the blogging world and while I love them, I kinda like switching things up. What do you guys think about making this a more regular […]

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Turn your cubicle into an inspiring place to work

Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped and Cozy

A workspace with a lot of cubicles is becoming the normal again. You hear and read articles about the millennial generation coming into the workforce and with that, more open workspaces. I’m definitely not opposed to cubicles but what I am opposed to is uninspiration and lack of motivation. When I hear of a room […]

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