Design Style and Aesthetic

Design Style and Aesthetic After by Cramped and Cozy

While we are waiting on a few last things to arrive before we can start on some of our big projects for the living room, I thought I’d share some of my inspiration for this space. I’ve never really understood what my decorating style/aesthetic is. I’ve always been drawn the minimalist idea that is so […]

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Organize your pantry for less than $7

Pantry Organization by Cramped and Cozy

I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by how much storage we had in our kitchen when we moved here. Have I mentioned that since we moved from 2 states away we weren’t actually able to see our apartment until the day we moved in? I don’t necessarily recommend that but boy did we luck out. […]

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A simple storage solution

Simple Storage Organization by Cramped and Cozy

One of the things that I really really do not like is clutter. I once read somewhere that even the tiniest bit of clutter in a small space makes the entire house feel dirty. It is completely and utterly true. No matter how hard I try to put things away as soon as possible, they always […]

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The current living room

Current Living Room in Richmond by Cramped and Cozy

Our little apartment is a grand total of 540 square feet. In order to show the progress we make as we complete projects, I have to show you where we are coming from, what we are starting with. I quickly drew out a floor plan* for your reference that is included below (*note: floor plan is […]

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