Turn your cubicle into an inspiring place to work

A workspace with a lot of cubicles is becoming the normal again. You hear and read articles about the millennial generation coming into the workforce and with that, more open workspaces. I’m definitely not opposed to cubicles but what I am opposed to is uninspiration and lack of motivation. When I hear of a room full of cubicles, I tend to think of this:

stuffy cubiclesimage source

A room with no windows and thus no natural light that is stuffy and muggy and completely bleh. It’s not inspirational at all to work in a place like this. I don’t know about you but I need something more. I at least need a window near me and maybe a poster that says “Hey, you’re a-ok. There’s life outside of this place.”

When I started my new full time job, I immediately started planning out some cubicle decor to take to the office with me. My goal was to take my blank slate cubicle and turn it into something a little more homey, cozy, and overall an inspirational place for me to spend 40 hours a week. Thankfully, my office doesn’t look like the above. There’s some natural light, a little more space, and it’s not stuffy so I was starting out 150% better than the above image.

Look through Pinterest inspiration

The first thing I did was look through Pinterest for inspiration. I searched things like “cubicle decor” and “cubicle organization” and pinned anything I liked so I could come back to it if needed.

I decided I wanted to make an inspirational wall filled with pictures and typography prints. I really loved the look of this and this.

Choose pictures & inspirational quotes

So with my inspiration wall in mind, I pulled out my printed pictures and picked out some of my top favorites. I ended up pulling about 20 total but I wasn’t sure I’d use all those.

Picking out pictures for cubicle decor by Cramped & Cozy

I also went through my words pinterest board to find inspirational quotes. Words have always been a big part of my life. They really resonate with me; just looking up from my work and reading something like this helps keep me motivated. I printed out my favorites on white cardstock I had on hand.

Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 1Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 2Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 3

Fill it out with prints or pretty art

Something I noticed on all the inspiration walls I liked was that there were always a least a few items that were just pretty “filler” – a nice floral print or a cute simple postcard. Things that didn’t necessarily have a ton of meaning behind them but were just pretty to look at. I realized they help to break up the wall and give your eye a place to rest in the midst of looking at pictures or reading a quote.

I found a few things like this by searching them on Pinterest or google images. Again, I printed them on white cardstock and cut them down to size if needed. I also made a few prints based on things I saw and liked.

Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 4Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 5Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped & Cozy 6

Lay it out to organize and strategize

Once I had everything printed and picked out, I organized it on our kitchen table. I didn’t want to get to work and have no idea what I was doing. I knew I’d get stuck if I did that so it was best for me to have somewhat of a game plan ahead of time.

I started with the pictures and quotes, laying them out in a way that I thought looked good. I tried to vary sizes and keep things mixed together. I then put the prints or “filler” items in where there was space or where I felt like a rest was needed.

Once it was organized how I liked it, I snapped photos so when I got to work the next day, I could reference those.

Organizing Cubicle Decor Items by Cramped & Cozy 1Organizing Cubicle Decor Items by Cramped & Cozy 2Organizing Cubicle Decor Items by Cramped & Cozy 3

Refer to photos and install

The final product ended up so much better than I had originally even envisioned. I am so happy with it. It keeps me motivated and inspired throughout the day, which is the goal right? I did have a little bit of space on the right side so I went home and printed out a hand lettered calendar I found, plus added a few more pictures to finish it out.

Cubicle Decor Final Look by Cramped & Cozy

I used the mini office accessories kit (push pins, paper clips, and binder clips) from my mini Target Haul to hang each item up. It worked out so well and I couldn’t be happier with the finished look. I have a few other things I’d like to do with my cubicle space eventually but this is a huge step in the right direction.

For reference, here is a before and after:

Cubicle Decor Before by Cramped & CozyCubicle Decor After by Cramped & Cozy

So, what about you? What keeps you motivated while at work?


Links to items (left to right on the wall):
If I showed you my teardrops poem
Tree print
You’ve got this – written by me
You were born to be real, not to be perfect
Blush triangles – made by me
You are capable of great things
And all at once, summer collapsed into fall
About me
I just want to spend the rest of my life laughing 
Autumn Tree watercolor
Tiny black and white triangles
My heart is at ease
Green tree watercolor
3 black triangles – made by me
Celebrate every tiny victory
Life is not an emergency – made by me
You own the skies and still you want my heart
Hand lettered calendar


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2 thoughts on “Turn your cubicle into an inspiring place to work

  1. Ryan, your cubicle is amazing! Looking at your photos inspired and motivated me to decorate my cubicle. I’ve been wanting to spice mine up with beautiful and inspiring images to look at at moments when I feel my creativity is waning. I’m looking forward to implementing some similar ideas in my “home away from home.”

    And, to answer your final question, working for an awesome company with amazing team members helps me to stay motivated. But, I still can’t wait to use some of your design advice to make my cubicle my own.


    1. Thank you so much Milca! I’m glad this is inspiring you to add some fun things to your workspace. It can be such a fun project! I definitely agree with you that working for a great company with good team members makes all the difference in staying motivated! Would love to see your finished workspace once you’re done!


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