Monday Ramblings 02

I kind of liked doing a ramblings post last Monday. I think it was a great way to start the week; do you agree? Friday Favorite posts are popular in the blogging world and while I love them, I kinda like switching things up. What do you guys think about making this a more regular thing?

Painting over the weekend by Cramped and Cozy

We spent the weekend painting a room for my parents. My brother recently got married and moved out. His room hadn’t been painted since my family moved into the house, just about 20 years ago! It was well overdue for a good paint job. It reminded me of when we painted our entire apartment in 2 days right when we moved in this past May.

On Friday I was home sick to my stomach all day. Chunky’s Chicken and Dumplings soup is always my go to when I’m sick. That and pretzel sticks with gingerale. It did the trick though because I was back to feeling good on Saturday. As a kid, I always loved Honey Nut Cheerios when I was sick, no idea why! Do you have any interesting favorites when you’re sick?

Some friends introduced us to a new-to-us comedian named Bo Burnham. A couple of his shows are on Netflix and we watched the first half of “Make Happy” the other night. He’s completely different in his approach (think dancing and singing and humor) but it was so well done and I could not stop laughing.

This interview with Ryan Lochte is absolutely hilarious. The news anchors can’t stop laughing. The interview originally aired in 2013 but it’s come back up with his whole debacle during the 2016 Olympics.

I saw this on Facebook and now I want a duck as a pet. How cool.

Celebrate Every Tiny Victory by Cramped and Cozy

And finally, do you guys notice the changes around here? I’ve been working on updating the look and feel of the blog to make it fresher, cleaner, more me, and most importantly easier for YOU to move around and find things. There’s still a few more small things to update but I’m loving the change! It’s feel so much better! What do you guys think?!

Here’s to a great week people! Anybody got Labor Day weekend plans they’re looking forward to?

Reading Nook in Master Bedroom by Cramped and Cozy


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    1. Hi Alison, it is an IKEA shoe organizer, good eye! We love it! It helps keeps things neat and shoes off the floor! Depending on the size shoe is how many pairs it can hold. I can fit 2-3 pairs of heels in one compartment but 5-6+ pairs if they’re flats. Definitely recommend!


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