How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets

How to Keep Your House Clean with Pets by Cramped and Cozy

One of my biggest concerns before getting a pet was how I would deal with keeping my house clean. What if they ruined something? What if it was always dirty? What if they were gross and nasty? What if, what if, what if.

If you’ve been reading my blog long, then you know that I have 2 cats. One is short haired and one is long haired. I didn’t grow up with cats and never claimed myself to be a “cat person.” But I was one of those where one moment I wasn’t a cat person and the next, I was…because I brought two home.

Today, I’m sharing my tips and tricks for how we handle living with two animals in our house. We happen to have cats (but I grew up with a dog) so while my tips may be geared towards felines, I hope they help you no matter what type of companion animal you have living in your home (or if you’re thinking about adding one).

Tips for Keeping House with Pets by Cramped and Cozy

Tips for Keeping House with Cats by Cramped and Cozy

Vacuum and Mop

Yes, our cats shed! So, we vacuum on the regular. We’ve used a few different vacuums in the past, but we love the one we have now, the Bissell PowerForce Bagged Vacuum. While bagged vacuums are somewhat oldie’s now, we love it because when the vacuum gets full we can just throw the bag out, rather than having to empty the canister every few days and getting everything dirty (again!) in the process. The vacuum also has febreeze filters to add an extra bit of freshness. Bonus, it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Brush your pet

While our cats shed throughout the year, it does tend to pick up during major season changes. Brushing them helps SO much. We probably don’t brush as often as we should but when we do, there is a noticeable difference. Our favorite is the furminator. It cuts down on shedding by 90% and since cats are self cleaners, it helps reduce the amount of hair they ingest and thus reduces the amount of hairballs we all have to deal with. They have numerous sizes for cats, dogs, horses, and even rabbits!

Spend 10 minutes a day cleaning up after your pet

Whether it be the litter box, food/water area, or the pets’ toys, if you can dedicate just 10 minutes a day to pick up after them a little bit, it will help keep you sane and keep your house from being overtaken by all the pet things. I’m not opposed to having things out specifically for the cats; they live here too and I want this to be just as much their home as it is mine. But just like I spend a few minutes at the end of the day picking up after myself, I spend the same amount of time picking up after Jack and Ernest and even if we can’t make it to vacuuming that day, it makes me feel a little better.

How to Keep House with Pets Cat Tower by Cramped and Cozy

Have a place dedicated to your pet

As I said above, pets live in the home too and they deserve a space that is just theirs. For us, this is the cat tower. Cats love to climb so while it’s not the prettiest piece of home decor, it’s extremely important for them to have (and keeps them from ripping up our furniture). They know the cat tower is where it is okay for them to scratch and they love to jump to all the different levels.

Another example would be a dog bed or a cozy crate. A goal of ours is to make one of the shelves on our living room built ins a cozy bed for the cats eventually.

Always always have a lint roll available

With shedding pets, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll be covered in hair at some point. It’s comes with the territory. We keep lint rolls in stock. I can’t say that I’ve never left the house with cat hair on my pants or my shirt (or both!) but if I can help it, I will.

(Optional) Have at least one area where the animals are not allowed

I say this is an optional tip because some pet owners may not need this. I know plenty who don’t. Personally, we don’t allow our cats in our bedroom. It’s the one area in the house they aren’t allowed to go and they know that. They can go on the furniture but the bedroom is my place where there is no cat hair. And I need that space sometimes.

Understand that pets are pets

Like I’ve said, the cats live in our apartment just as much as we do so while no, I don’t like that sometimes it feels like their hair is everywhere and sometimes I wonder why God didn’t make animals with opposable thumbs so they could pick up after themselves, I remind myself that I love Jack and Ernest. And I’d much rather have them around then not. I can’t imagine life without these two. Life is much better with them in it and I choose to care more about that than the fact that my house may feel messy today.

We choose home decor items with them in mind. Our couch is from IKEA and what we love about it is that we can replace the cover for $149.00 and boom, brand new couch. So I don’t really care if it gets a little scratched up. Again, I choose to love my pets more than I love my inanimate couch.

How to Keep your House Clean with Pets by Cramped and Cozy

How to Keep House with Cats by Cramped and Cozy

I hope these tips and tricks help you with your pets or if you’re thinking about adding one to your family! What do you do to keep house with animals?


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