Why I don’t follow the rule

How to Hang Art by Cramped and Cozy

There’s a design rule about hanging pictures. They say you should hang your art at eye level, 57 inches from the floor, 6-8 inches above a sofa. These are great rules for a starting point or if you have a hard time “seeing” where things should naturally go. But, I think these rules can absolutely […]

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How to style a shelf

How to Style a Bathroom Shelves by Cramped and Cozy

Styling shelves is something that can be difficult simply because it looks harder than it actually is. There are a ton of images for pretty shelves (Pinterest anyone?), and I tend to see those and think “oh I can do that” but when I sit down to make it happen, I get stuck. I don’t know […]

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How to choose a paint color & why paint to begin with

Apartment Reveal Painting by Cramped and Cozy

Since I revealed our apartment before and after paint last week, I thought I would talk about some popular design questions in regards to painting today. So, why even paint to begin with? I did actually get asked this question when I told others I planned to paint our apartment when we moved in. It’s […]

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A simple storage solution

Simple Storage Organization by Cramped and Cozy

One of the things that I really really do not like is clutter. I once read somewhere that even the tiniest bit of clutter in a small space makes the entire house feel dirty. It is completely and utterly true. No matter how hard I try to put things away as soon as possible, they always […]

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