Why I don’t follow the rule

How to Hang Art by Cramped and Cozy

There’s a design rule about hanging pictures. They say you should hang your art at eye level, 57 inches from the floor, 6-8 inches above a sofa. These are great rules for a starting point or if you have a hard time “seeing” where things should naturally go. But, I think these rules can absolutely […]

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How to style a shelf

How to Style a Bathroom Shelves by Cramped and Cozy

Styling shelves is something that can be difficult simply because it looks harder than it actually is. There are a ton of images for pretty shelves (Pinterest anyone?), and I tend to see those and think “oh I can do that” but when I sit down to make it happen, I get stuck. I don’t know […]

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Living Room Shelf Project Reveal

Living Room Shelf Reveal by Cramped and Cozy

As I mentioned in my post on Tuesday when I shared our bathroom shelves, we finished up two of the three projects we’ve been working on at the same time. Today I’m sharing that 2nd project with you. It’s another shelf but it’s in the living room and it just might be my favorite yet. […]

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Organizing cable cords to be out of sight

Cable Cord Management by Cramped and Cozy

I don’t know about you but one of my pet peeves in my house is cords….there’s lamps, computers, laptop charger, phone charger, TV, every kitchen appliance known to man, and the list goes on and on. And when it comes to TV’s, they always seem to have a million different cords that are all necessary […]

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How to choose a paint color & why paint to begin with

Apartment Reveal Painting by Cramped and Cozy

Since I revealed our apartment before and after paint last week, I thought I would talk about some popular design questions in regards to painting today. So, why even paint to begin with? I did actually get asked this question when I told others I planned to paint our apartment when we moved in. It’s […]

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