Turn your cubicle into an inspiring place to work

Inspirational Quotes for Cubicle Decor by Cramped and Cozy

A workspace with a lot of cubicles is becoming the normal again. You hear and read articles about the millennial generation coming into the workforce and with that, more open workspaces. I’m definitely not opposed to cubicles but what I am opposed to is uninspiration and lack of motivation. When I hear of a room […]

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Current Office Organization

Closet into Home Office renovation by Cramped and Cozy

Remember when we installed an office in our dining room closet? We’ve been living with that office for about a month now and we still love it! I wanted to wait until we got everything set up and organized just how I wanted before I shared exactly what it looks like with stuff in it. […]

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Office Nook Renovation Reveal

Office Nook Renovation Reveal by Cramped and Cozy

You guys!!! Our third wood project is finally installed! I mentioned last week that we ran into some issues while installing so we were delayed a little bit. I’ll talk about that in a minute but I’m so excited to finally have this completed. Out of the three projects we were working on at the same […]

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