Where I’ve Been, Updates, and a Minimalist Journey

Updates and Minimalism by Cramped and Cozy

Hi! Hello! Long time no post! Prepost disclaimer: this is a long post with a lot of words and very few pictures. If you don’t want to read it, that’s fine with me and I will not be offended. But if you’re wondering where I’ve been or where I’ve gone, the following will explain all […]

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Monday Ramblings 02

Reading Nook in Master Bedroom by Cramped and Cozy

I kind of liked doing a ramblings post last Monday. I think it was a great way to start the week; do you agree? Friday Favorite posts are popular in the blogging world and while I love them, I kinda like switching things up. What do you guys think about making this a more regular […]

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Monday Ramblings 01

Apartment Living Room by Cramped and Cozy

I’ve been at my new full time job for about a month now. Most of that has been spent in training, read: jamming as much information into my brain as I possibly can. Last week was the first week I was really on my own and it felt good to feel like I know what I’m […]

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Big Announcement

Big Announcement Domain Name by Cramped and Cozy

I’m writing a quick post to share some exciting news with you. Cramped & Cozy finally has it’s own domain!! What does this mean? We are finally a dot com! crampedandcozy.com to be exact. You can simply type that (crampedandcozy.com) in to your URL up there at the top of your internet page and it will […]

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Secret Project

Introduction YouTube channel video by Cramped and Cozy

I’ve been working on a little something behind the scenes over the past week or so. I’m super excited (and also a little nervous) to share the details with you today! I absolutely love investing in this little space of the internet. I love sharing about our home decor journey and hope that it’s inspiring […]

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