August Favorites and How I’m Ready for Fall

I can’t believe August is over. I feel like it just began but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready for Fall weather. You guys know that Fall is my favorite season. I’ve always said that Fall refreshes me and I’m noticing now more than ever how true that is. In Fall of […]

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Honest Company Unboxing

Honest Company Unboxing by Cramped and Cozy

I feel in love with the Honest Company, specifically their toothpaste, earlier this year. I had picked up a bottle of Honest toothpaste at my local Target in Virginia (they just happened to have it!). At the time, I was searching for a natural toothpaste that actually worked. The first day I used it, I was […]

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Mini Target Haul

Mini Target Haul YouTube video by Cramped and Cozy

Is anybody else obsessed with office and school supplies? I don’t know what it is about it but I just love how organized everything looks. It’s all so pretty, it makes me want it all! Maybe it’s just Target though? Speaking of Target, I stopped by twice last week to pick up a few things. […]

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Get Ready With Me | Everyday Simple Makeup

Get ready with me (GRWM) Youtube video by Cramped and Cozy

As I’ve gotten into YouTube over the past couple months, I found that I really love watching Get Ready With Me (GRWM) videos. It’s fun to see what products a person uses and how that changes over time or seasonally. It’s like a snapshot into life at that particular time. I thought it would be […]

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50 Random Facts

50 Facts About Me YouTube Video by Cramped and Cozy

I love hearing and sharing random facts. It’s what makes a person who they are and I think they’re so fun. The 50 facts tag on YouTube is so fun that I just had to participate. Check out the video below and if you feel like participating, comment with a random fact about yourself or make […]

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